In mid-March of 2014 we acquired our breeding flock of White Dorking chickens from the Yellow House Farm line and are very excited about working with a breed with such rich history and recent breeding work. Our goal is to establish consistent, high utility Dorkings to the American Standard of Perfection. In fall of 2015 we went to the Yellow House Farm and picked up some of Mr. Marquette's White Dorking project birds and have been extremely excited with the direction our breeding program is heading. 

We are very pleased with their winter laying abilities and high quality of meat. We are specifically focusing on muscle mass and feed conversion while maintaining high utility and production, making it a desirable, realitic alternative to commercial meat birds.

In early 2017 we acquired some Buff Orpington stock from a dynamite line and are really excited to selectively breed them and working their line. They are phenomenal egg layers and we've been pleasently surprised with how their carcass dress out as well. They have more bone to muscle than our Dorkings and aren't as plump, but at 9 months they were 4-5 lbs dressed out and they had a delicious meat that was still really tender. Additionally, they have really dark and tasty dark meat.

Additionally, we have infused various genetics through multiple crosses using our base stock of Dorkings, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Australorps, Marans, Orpingtons, Ameraucana, Rhode Island Reds and Red sex-link layers. This has been an on-going project since we began in 2014 and has developed into what we call our "Hardy Heritage Crosses". For these we are using our available genetics to work toward establishing a hardy, active foraging, dual-purpose, heritage based chicken tailored specifically to our region that will thrive without the need for pampering, medications or other chemical inputs.

We maintain NPIP certification and are maintaining closed flocks with our current breeds.